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Portia’s Pregnant!

Great news, Portia is pregnant.  She had her ultrasound today and she has two beautiful healthy puppies, coming along very nicely @ the five week mark in her pregnancy.  This is a small litter due to it being a frozen seamen, surgically insemination compared to a natural mating.  But I am very pleased as its Portia’s first litter and that can always have a risk of a non  pregnancy.  Just happy Portia and her puppies are happy and healthy. 

Looking forward to watching her belly grow over the coming weeks.

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Ultrasound This Friday

Portia has been booked in for her ultrasound this Friday 17th April to confirm pregnancy.  Getting excited to not only confirm pregnancy but to see how many!  She is showing all the positive signs she is pregnant, so stay tuned for an update after Friday’s ultrasound.

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Portia Inseminated

Portia has been inseminated with semen from Aust Ch Coleisha Running Bear “Jessie”.  This litter is a lovely blend of some new imported lines through Jessie’s dad – Jasams Only Cola Light DShowman “Oscar”  and Jessie’s mum who has the original import lines that came to Australia from Italy that were in my lovely boy Jester.  So these are now put back to my original lines that are now in Portia’s pedigree.   So as you can see this litter is incorporating the best lines in Australia with some lovely new imported lines. Portia will be ultra sounded in a couple of weeks to confirm pregnancy.  Exciting times ahead!

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