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Characteristics of the Breed

The Japanese Spitz is a classic medium-sized spitz covered with a beautiful thick, snow white stand-off coat, which consists of a long straight outer coat held by a profuse and soft under coat. It's head has a sharply pointed muzzle and triangular shaped ears standing erect. The tail is of medium length, has a rich fringe of long hair and curled over the back. The overall quality of the body should be firm and strong, full of flexibility. Fore and hindquarters should be well proportioned and balanced. The general appearance should be noble, first of all, and united in a perfect sate, indicated structural beauty in a harmonious whole. The ideal ration of height at shoulders vs length of body is 10:11.

Its not hard to see why one would love the Japanese Spitz and Japanese Spitz Puppies are just the most beautiful animals you will ever see. It’s an alert, lively, bold, eager to please, intelligent family dog. They are companion dogs and make wonderful versatile pets. With a tendency to be wary of strangers upon first meeting, so time and patience is required for this bread to become familiar with your guests and friends, but after that you have a friend for life. They are great watch dogs as they keep constant and careful watch over their territory.

Despite its impressive coat, the Japanese Spitz is surprisingly easy to maintain. The Japanese Spitz is considered a low maintenance breed. A brush once a week except for when they shed their coat which is twice a year then daily brushing is required to remove the dead hair. This usually lasts up to a week. They don’t have a doggy smell even when wet and as their coat has a silk component mud and dirt does not stick to it so if you are worried about your pristine white dog getting muddy, rest assured this will brush out easily, leaving your dog white again.

General Appearance

Profuse, pure white stand-off coat. Pointed muzzle, triangular shaped ears standing erect. Bushy tail curled over back. Overall quality of body firm and strong, full of flexibility. Any yellowing of the coat generally means old coat and the moulting process is underway.

Average Lifespan
When considering a dog please realise you are taking it on for its lifetime. Japanese Spitz lives to around 12-14yrs or age.

Average Size,Weight, and Height at shoulder:

Dogs: 34 - 37cm (13 ½ -14 ½ inc) Dogs: approx 10 Kilos
Bitches: 30 - 34cm (11 ¾ 13 ½ inc) Bitches: approx 8 Kilos


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